Benefits of Monetizing Your Websites With Both Adsense And Infolinks/kontera.

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I wonder while some publishers and writers and websites owners are not monetizing their sites with adsense and infolinks/kontera. Some of the advantages of doing this are:
1.since adsense displays relevant text and banners to your websites usually at the top, sidebars,below and in between posts some visitors may not easily see it when reading your contents at this time infolinks text-in- ad that is usually underlined in your contents becomes your best belt because as the visitors goes through they may find some of those underlined words interesting to them, so as they find out what is all about, then,the visitor clicks it. What i mean is this,is easier for those underline worlds to be clicked,so that if you don’t get clicks in adsense often, you get in infolinks. 2.payments methods and earnings in pay per click: adsense pays via checks or western union,their earnings in per click is higher than both. Infolinks pay by check and payonier card, their ppc is low. kontera pay by check their ppc in earnings is equally lower compare to adsense. You can choose the payment method availabe in your country.
Am Using both it’s been rewarding, to increase your sites revenue via monetizing, try use the two combine adsense and infolinks or adsense and kontera is not against their T0S. I use both.Check out my blog to see how it looks like


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