Iprioritize Iphone App Review: Ready, Steady … Get Things Done.

Utilising a traffic light system, the app gets you to input goals and the fires a series of questions about the task – enabling you to successfully put them in order.


It errs a little on the simplistic sided – but that’s exactly what you need in a productivity app. I’ve spent (or more truthfully “wasted”) hours updating project management apps, and updating tasks when I would have been better focused on actually “doing” the thing I’d set out to do.

iPrioritize applies some reality principles by querying not only about urgency and importance but about financial affordability, and availability of resources to get the task done. The app asks you a series of questions that force you to consider the viability of your project – in context with all the other tasks you have to accomplish. iPrioritize recognises that things can change, so tasks can easily be re-prioritised as conditions and relative priorities change during the working day or week.

iPrioritize’s “USP” is that it factors in just how much the user actually wants to do the task. Acknowledging unwillingness and being prepared (in the words of Brian Tracy) to “Eat That Frog” is a major factor in whether a job gets done or is constantly re-prioritised or moved.

If you already mentally compartmentalise with ease then you don’t need this app. And if you stick with it for … 3 or 4 projects and pay attention to how it’s trying to get you to think then you slowly won’t need it either.

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