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HCG diet is the new mantra for fast weight control mechanisms and its results are hard to ignore. But while the medication is important, the accompanying diet is equally significant. For the diet plan to work, it has been divided into three basic stages, where each stage highlights the physiological activity and hence the type of diet.

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The beginning stage of the HCG protocol is known as ‘Load Days’ which basically lasts for two days. Here, you are required to take a high fat diet along with 60 HCG drops on a daily basis. This stage of the HCG diet stores extra fat cells so that your body does not get starved during the forthcoming low calorie stages. But, remember to keep away from any kind of diet containing a high percentage of starch or sugar during this period.

The next period of the HCG is a VLCD phase that can last anywhere from 24 to 58 days with respect to your weight loss plans. This is the strict phase of the diet where you have to stay within the stipulated list of food products as it is the actual weight loss phase of the diet plan. While the medication is taken every day along with the food, it is however, discontinued for the last three days of this period so as to flush it out of the body for the next phase.

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The last phase or the Maintenance is where the weight set point of the body is fixed through diet regulation only. It is very critical that you avoid any kind of sugar or starch centric food in this period of HGC diet plan. Also, you need to make sure that your stipulated food intake meets a minimum of 1500 calories per day for the plan to complete itself successfully.

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