Different Kinds of Currency Converter Calculators


Converting foreign currency can be a tedious process especially if you are dealing with different currencies and multiple amounts. However, today, there are sophisticated currency converter calculator that ease foreign currency exchange calculation. The calculators maintain the different foreign exchange rates and you can easily and quickly convert different currency amounts. There are however different types of foreign currency converters. Some of the options available online are discusses below.

Google Foreign Exchange Currency Converter

The Google currency converter is the easiest and most commonly used currency converter calculator. It is one of the free services availed by Google. You can access the calculator by simply clicking on the more section from the Google search page. Click on the option of the currency converter on the menu and you will have the foreign currency exchange calculator. You can then select the currency you want to convert to and the original currency and amount that you need converted. The currency converter calculator applies the foreign exchange rates and gives a very simplistic conversion ideal for quick references. However, it may not give you many options or the ability to search many amounts concurrently.   


Bank of Canada Currency Converter Calculator

The Bank of Canada provides a free currency converter calculator that has many advanced features including multiple amount search and searching same amount into different currencies. It also provides foreign exchange rates that are more authentic and reliable as compared to commercial banks.

Commercial Bank Currency Converter Calculator

There are numerous commercial bank currency calculators. They will give you the option to use their buying and selling rate for currencies that they are trading with. Look out for converters that have a small spread in the foreign exchange rates to avoid distorted conversions. You will also need to check for foreign currency exchange calculators that provide an option for the currencies that you are dealing with. Some currency converter calculators are limited and do not have a wide option for currencies to convert with.

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