Blessings From Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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I was no real believer in the supernatural and no great follower of any faith, though born a Hindu. There was a time when I lost complete faith in my religion and was in search of a religion or doctrine that could bring me closer to God. I frequented churches, attended gatherings of the Moonists cult, joined the Navigators,  etc…..etc….for 10 long years, but nothing… nothing showed me the way, until  SathyaSaiBaba did. No doubt, I was in Bangalore, India for 4 years earlier but there was no calling at that time. It was in New Zealand where and when I was pursuing a course that I really did find SathyaSaiBaba.

    I was feeling hopeless, pessimistic and without a pillar of strength to lean upon at that time, being all alone in a foreign country. It was at this depressing moment in time, that I found a picture of SriSathyaSaiBaba and I promised myself that if I am able to overcome my current problems, I shall return to Hinduism and follow its doctrines.  No sooner than said, the dark clouds of disappointment and hopelessness slowly began to give way to clearer skies. I was happy, my results improved and soon I completed my course successfully and returned home.

    As promised, I began to practise the Hindu way of life and became more convinced that Hinduism could lead me to a more contented and happier existence wih the help and guidance of SathyaSaiBaba. Members of my family were no ardent followers of SriSathyaSaiBaba though they were ritualistic Hindus.

    In 1988, I was diagnosed with fibroids in my uterus and after an ultrasound scan, the doctor stated that I should undergo a hysterectomy, because the growth had covered my uterus and fallopian tubes. If my ovaries were also affected then they too needed to be removed. Since I was not old I should  be put on HRT as well, if the ovaries were removed. Though I was unmarried at that time, hysterectomy was a procedure, that was advised by the doctor to prevent further developments like cancer.The doctor too was sympathetic when he learnt that I had not given birth. He explained that if the growth were outside the womb, it could be shelled out without touching the womb and he was sorry to inform me that I was not so fortunate.

     It was also at this time that I had discomfort in my bladder, frequent urination and painful, heavy menstrual flow. A lump could be felt in my lower abdomen whenever I slept on my belly. My faith in SathyaSaiBaba grew stronger, as religiously, I would pray and drink water sprinkled with ‘vibhuthi’ or holy ash gathered from a SathyaSaiBaba centre in Penang, Malaysia, where I lived. I went for a second opinion and the results were the same. The only consolation was that the growth, most probably, was benign.

    I was given a month after the diagnosis, for the operation to be done.  One night, a week before the operation, I felt some movement within my womb and then I couldn’t feel the lump as I usually did. The next morning, sleeping on my belly, I tried to feel the lump again, but it wasn’t there. I dispelled it to be wishful thinking and feeling, as I got ready to go to work as usual.

    The long awaited moment arrived and the operation was performed during the school holidays. The surgeon assured me that it would be alright after the operation and I would be able to lead a normal life. He too learnt that I was unmarried and had not given birth.

    I was given general anaesthesia and was sedated throughout the day. At night, I was brought to consciousness by a low moaning of a patient in pain, within the oncology ward where I was placed after the operation. As I opened my eyes and turned towards the wall, I caught a glimpse of the face of SriSathyaSaiBaba, like a gigantic poster, on the wall of the ward. I then dozed off, only to be awakened a few hours later by a young lady doctor on her morning rounds. She enquired how I was. Then she made a surprising revelation. She informed me that the growth was outside the womb and that the doctors just shelled it out and that my womb was intact!!!! I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I asked her if she could draw and show me where the growth was. She did. It was outside the cervix!!!!! I still couldn’t believe the good news. I waited for the surgeon on his rounds to confirm what I had just heard. It then dawned on me that what I felt that night was no wishful thinking or feeling. It really did happen. Did  SathyaSaiBaba have a hand in it???? Why did his face appear on the wall in the ward when I was sedated and not aware of anything? Was he trying to tell me that he was there for me? Well whatever the answer maybe, today I am a proud mother of a 13 year old daughter! My trust and faith in SriSathyaSaiBaba was laid and has been growing stronger ever since.


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