All For a Dollar-Poem

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All for a Dollar

All for a dollar, you cheat and you lie

Steal from your brother, the truth do deny

All for a dollar, you poison your children

Sell their destruction in powders of white

All for a dollar, you sell your own country

Destroy all the business dissolve all the jobs

All for a dollar, you grow lazy, obese

Welfare and handouts, you’re owed, so you think

All for a dollar, you fake who you are

Get elected to office, act like a czar

All for a dollar you sleep with foul strangers

Take what they give you, swallow what’s vile

All for dollar your eyes fill with hate

Death and disorder to all not your race

All for a dollar you spit on your God

Deceive all the children with mirrors and fog

Nothing is good, no handout enough

The world owes you all for the nothing you’ve done

Here take my dollar, try to spend it in hell.

 (C)2011 Wayne Wilks

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