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Oxy Detox Toronto

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Oxycodone Detoxification Toronto

Addicts in detoxificaion to oxycodone find this process much harder than the development of the addiction itself.  It is during the detox period that recovering addicts will experience withdrawal symptoms and will look to take the drug to relieve this pain and/or discomfort. 

During the detox stage of recovery, the addict will have a physiological need for the pain medication to react with the Mu pain killer receptor in the brain.  During the addiction, these receptors have grown used to receiving the drugs in the oxycodone and are now starving for them.  These receptors must be “retrained” to operate on their own again without bonding with the opiod properties of hydrocodone.  They are not used to producing adequate pain reducing endorphines without stimulation from the hydrocodone.

A person who is going through detoxification may experience the following:  stomach cramps, diarrhea, pain throughout the body, tremors, sweating, inablility to sleep, chills, goose bumps, loss of appetite, paranoia, and anxiety.

While in a detox program or facility, the addict may be prescribed a non-narcotic pain reliever to reduce any pain he/she may be experiencing.  The last thing to give a recovering addict is another product to become addicted to.

The front runner in dealing with and treating opiod addiction such as oxycodone addiction is the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto.  The centre has three locations in Toronto making it easier for an addict in this area to get help.


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