Friday, December 15

How Scince Proves The Holy Bible

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Science proves the Holy Bible to be True

Here we will see how the Judeo-Christian Bible has what science deems as fact within the text. No other religious text has been proven by modern science. Here is a remarkable example how the Judeo-Christian Bible (later referred to as the Bible) prove it contains scientific facts. Other religions believe that there is something holding up the Earth. Greek Myth says that the God of Atlas holds up the earth. Another is Hindu scriptures says that the Earth is held up by elephants which is held up by a turtle which is swimming in the sea. Whereas the Bible says that the Earth is hung on nothing. Now the earth is indeed suspended in space. It has been proven by scientist that there is absolutely nothing above the Earth.  The book of Job states the same exact fact. Job 26:7 NLT “God stretches the northern sky over empty space and hangs the earth on nothing.” The book of Job being written about the same time as the Hindu scriptures, but the Hindu scriptures states that there is something holding up the earth, in fact there is multiple something’s holding up the Erath according to the Hindu. A ball is a sphere the same as the Earth.  Think about it, take a ball and place something under it, will be able to hold up the ball. So how did Job know that the Earth has hung on NOTHING, he was moved by the Holy Spirit. In the book of 2 Peter, Chapter 1 verse 21 NKJV says “for prophecy never came by the will of man, but by holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”

            Many people question the dinosaurs and other like creatures being in the Bible. Well to answer the question, yes they are in the Bible; there is no doubt about it.  First thing first, remember the Bible was written and translated a long time before the word dinosaurs became about. Now let’s take a look. The book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible, written about 2,000 years before Jesus was born. In the book of Job dinosaurs are referred to as behemoth. They are described to have tails like Cedar trees, and have mighty strength in their legs and bellies. The book of Job also talks how these creatures fed on grass like an ox. The behemoth had died out and later people believed that the massage creatures the Bible referred to was elephants and hippos. But if we think about it neither one of the have legs and tails described in the Bible.

            Now let’s move on to another point, creation and evolution.  In evolution every step is to be completed. Look at a frog. It starts as an egg, then a tadpole, it starts to lose its tail and grow legs, and it becomes a frog. When was the last time someone has seen an “ape-man” walk out of the jungle, or a fish with legs crawl out of the waters? If we evolved wouldn’t we still have to accomplish this stage, it doesn’t cease to exist. Isn’t that one of the attributes of being a mammal, we have live birth, we don’t evolve. The Bible says that God had created the universe in six day, Genesis chapter one.  Science says that the universe is millions of years old. When God created the universe He created it in its adult form. He said “Let Us make Man in Our image” emphasis added.

            This was just a couple of ways science proves the Bible. It is amazing how much we can find if we are willing to do just a little bit of investigative work. Having an open mind to seeing what the Bible actually says is equally important.   


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