Thursday, December 14

English Paper

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Sophialaurenea Destine

February 7th, 2011

Vandevere’s House by Mark Helprin

            I simply adore this reading. I find this author to have a certain cinematic flow. I identify with both characters, surprisingly. To a point, I comprehend the reasoning of Mr. Vandevere’s divorce and demise.

            I used to date an attorney. He gave a whole new meaning order. Like Mr. Vandevere, Jeovanni had a costumed castle especially created for me. I never saw his dwelling dirty. His closets were stores with clothes, shoes, boots and sneakers neatly on wooden hangers, shoe racks that were exactly 3 inches apart. Mr. Syd, there were all colored coordinated and grouped into seasons of the year. His cabinets were alphabetically categorized by titles on cans and bag goods. His refrigerator followed the same motif. Since he was 7 feet & 11 inches; not a stick of furniture I sat on, did my feet touch the ground! I felt like a chocolate Cabbage Patch doll in a giant play house. When I met Jeovanni; I sense he was a man who dotted all his i’s and cross all his t’s. I personally found it refreshing of a male not being sloppy, smelly and lazy.

             Naturally, I was no Angel. I drove Jeovanni insane with my endless questions. I exhausted every avenue of his patience with my need to know how the law works. Even though I ran and hid from him numerous occasions: He persistently pressed me in communicating to him despite my fears. Our love grew where normally it would fade in most couples. He showed me how to trust. Hilariously and dramatically I demonstrated how he can relax. I sought for Mrs. & Mr. Vandevere to recognize the give and take in a relationship. Although, I completely understood Mrs. Vandervere’s frustration; she should have known better. Marriage should not be taken like a dangerous leap off a cliff; just to prove a point!

            I identify with Mr. Vandevere in-ability to call for help and walk out to safety. His belief was so strong. Like a bull, he decided to stay true to his values. I too have stern values and ethics. I cause a lot of people to hate me by what I believe in. I have lost good jobs and housing for my way of thinking. I have spoken the truth and got death threats. Will I change? Never! I am a pill. I am determine to be me despite what society dictates. I am snitch who tells if you sell illegal drugs: I am going to tell. If you steal, I am going to tell. If you molest a child, I am going to tell. If you shoot a police officer; I am going to tell. You heard of the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street . Well, I am the Tell Monster.  



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