Thursday, December 14

World View #1

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Sophialaurenea Destine

January 26 Th, 2011

Sohlau English 4


The Final Solutionby Michael Chabon

Chapters five and six strike a nerve in me so deep; I want wail “Judge my actions, not my skin color!”  What is so alarming despite the time frame from Mr. Chabon‘s manuscript; Lady Justice is still not blind today. Page 45 second paragraph, the word itself comes alive just slaps me with the harsh reality being Afro-American (Black, dark skinned) means you are definitely less. My world view is certainly this is unfairly wrong. Mr. Reggie Panicker assume guilty for killing Mr. Richard Shane by his environment because Mr. Panicker (father) is Black. This type of cognitive suspicion is bias.

My examples of re-occurrence prejudice from the past to present are:  Blacks were indenture servants, dark skinned people have no education, Afro-Americans were not allowed to vote and there were segregation in schools between the Caucasians and Afro-Americans. Epoch change absolutely since Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks: Nevertheless, Afro-Americans are presently reviled rather intensely for our mere fleece existence.  Take Mrs. Susan Smith who claimed an Afro-American stole her car with her two sons in back of her vehicle. A description went out quickly; a man did fit the description: Ms. Oprah Winfrey came down to do a show. The whole city was behind a white, Mrs. Smith. As it turns out, the mother, Mrs. Susan Smith killed her sons and not, the black man she faulty accused. Most definitely there are bad people in every race! Yet, I personally feel Afro-Americans get the shortest end of the stick most of the time.

When those four police officers in Oakland got eradicated by an Afro-American shooter; I received the dirtiest stare from Caucasians people. I am very pro law enforcement. Yet, my environment doesn’t see me they’re too busy loathing me. On chapter six, page 62, last paragraph the character Reggie was release from penitentiary. The ratio among Whites, Latinos and Blacks are no comparison. There are more Blacks in prison due to racial profiling. The falsely accused among the Afro-American are high too. Michael Austin spent 27 years inconfinement because he is black; not because he is guilty. I myself am dark skinned. I am homeless. Most people assume: I am dumb, thief, liar, drug addict, insane and evil. I am none of those things! I thrive to be excel in my life; in everything I do. I am not afraid of failure. As long as there is breathe in my body; I am going to always try.

I have no miracle answers. All I have is hope. I will always pray for a better-united-compassionate America.


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