"what Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You Stronger"

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February 7th i decided to go out with some associates to a nice roof top on Miami beach for the super bowl showdown. It was fun, then on half time one of the associates i was with decided to head to a house party, in my head i was saying go home but i guess i wasn’t using my head at all that day, so we all went on to the party had a lot of fun me thinking everything was going to be OK. So when it was time to leave i still felt good like i could drive so i got in my car and took off. Well on the way to my house i blacked out and drifted into a wall at about 40 miles per hour the only thing that saved me were the airbags because i did not even have my seat belt on. Since then I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck in this black hole and really can’t get out, thinking and thinking of a way to just push on, well this is when it hit me to write this article for people that feel just like i do right now. The title says it all what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, I’ve thought of my steps to fixing my problems and making sure that they don’t happen again. First off a life style change is perfect i don’t need to drink to have fun or smoke weed. These are things in life that make you feel like your having fun but if your on the sober side you would understand how stupid you really look. Second thing is i have to pay my DUI and fix any other problems i have in my life that are breaking my heart, because when you feel like your stuck it can be the worse feeling ever. You can’t breath you feel empty like life is worthless and it’s really not that your depressed or anything like that, it’s just that you know that you have a huge problem and no way to fix it and it’s even worse when you keep building these problems. Which leaves me with my last step, stop getting into trouble. Stay away from trouble, hangout with a group of people that think just like you positive and right. Always save money keep money in your bank account because money is always needed for everything. I’m only 22 and dieing in a car crash would have been devastating it only takes one big scare to put you in the right direction some people learn before it’s too late, and for others it’s already too late. I’m stronger since i got out alive from the accident, whatever the problem is just remember life always throws obstacles your way learn how to overcome them.


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