Sinaia-The Pearl of Carpathians

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The most important resort of Prahova valley,Sinaia, is really the pearl of Carpathians. Situated in the South Carpathians only 125 km from the Romanian capital Buchrest, Sinaia is about 100 km far from the Coanda International Airport.

Year after year Sinaia is the main holiday destination for the tourists.

Why is the resort preferred by so many tourists?

Perhaps because of the possibilities for winter or summer sports. The average temperature during summer is  15` Celsius and during winter it is about – 4` Celsius. The subalpine climate is very good for people who want to relax. There are  mineral springs that have sulphur-ferric mineral water and contain other soluble minerals.

Another reason could be the breathtaking views to the mountain and the very rare plants such as Mountain Peony,Edelweiss and Yellow Gentians or the interesting past.

Sinaia was the traditional meeting place for many people of the high society. Today lots of villas show this. Many legends keep the mystery of this peaceful and beautiful resort.

Prince Cantacuzino who was the founder of the Sinaia Monastery (named after Mount Sinai from Arabia) found this place of worship in 1695. He was impressed by the beautiful region that was populated only by pastors.

The history went on. The fresh air and the beautiful landscape attracted the royalty Hohensoller (King Carol I of Romania). He decided to build the Peles castle as the royal summer residence and the Pelisor castle that was a miniature copy of the Peles castle.

During the communist period, Ceaucescu closed Peles castle for visitors and built the imposing Foisor castle. It was used for government protocol.

Sightseeings nearby: Peles Castle (very interesting and rich castle-could be visited by tourists), Pelisor castle (very near to the Peles castle), and Sinaia Monastery.


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