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Diagnosing Hyptension- Find Out if You Have High Blood Pressure Before it is Too Late.

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Heart attacks and Strokes are the #1 and #3 killers in the United States. These are caused directly from the effects of High Blood pressure. Because of this fact, saying that High Blood Pressure ids the most likely



 thing to kill you is far more than hyperbole. It is fact.

High Blood pressure and its effects are not simply limited to the elderly and the obese. It can strike anyone at anytime. You should never assume that you do not have high blood pressure simply because you are young, in good shape or have never had the effects of high blood pressure previously.So what can you do about hypertension? If you have high blood pressure there are supplements, diets, exercises and a slew of things you can be done to bring your high blood pressure into normal ranges. If none of these methods work there are prescription medications available. All prevention is predicated on knowing that there is a problem. Since hypertension is the “silent killer” you need to check your high blood pressure out on a regular basis.

Where can you get your blood pressure checked?

1. Health clinics: Many free clinics will do check for you for free or nearly free

2. Drug store: Most drug stores have meters that are free (or cost a quarter to use) these are not the most accurate, so if you are even close you want to get it rechecked.

3. Churches: Sometimes churches will have a person come in and check vitals every so often. Take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Personal BP Cuff: You can have fully automated machines, 2 person machines and even watches that can check your blood pressure. Obviously this can give you a more frequent reading and it great if you are “close” but you should get it checked elsewhere at least 2x a year.

5. Doctor’s office: Unless you suspect through on of the other methods of high blood pressure evaluation that you have hypertension you do not need to make a specific appointment just for this purpose. When you visit your doctor for regular appointments ensure that they take your vitals. If your blood pressure is high during these visits ensure that the doctor discusses possible ways to get it into line.


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