How to Appreciate The User-Friendly Autocad 2007 And Later Versions

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Though I had every opportunity to explore different versions of AutoCAD at my office, I never used to have enough time to spend at the desktop to learn to draw my own layout drawings.

Whenever I started to learn a simple LINE command, I always felt irritated by the complexity of the menus and commands I had to memorize.

It was very difficult to learn even a few simple commands like LINE, OFFSET, CIRCLE,HATCH etc.

Even I tried reading some of the easy books to understand how exactly a drawing has to be started on AutoCad. All of my efforts failed.

But the troubles vanished when I saw the 2007 version of AutoCAD was newly installed in my office. When I just started the application it impressed me a lot asif I knew it already. I wondered how quickly I started drawing without remembering any command.

I admit that I already knew few basic commands from the earlier versions, but using them on AutoCad 2007 was damn easy and just intuitive.

You never have to struggle a bit  even to MIRROR a drawing. You have to just type MIRROR anywhere on the screen and go ahead selecting the elements to be MIRRORed.

AutoCad 2007 and later versions have the powerful and flexible features with all kinds of 2D and 3D CAD tools.

You can explore the commands intuitively with the ultimate flexibility and customize them for your specific needs.

AutoCAD is the leading CAD application that lets you customize very efficiently.

You’ll love it as you realize its productivity. The help files are written so profesionally simple that you can easily practice any new command you want to learn. The included tutorials accelerate your learning process.

And the newer versions are becoming faster in the drafting tasks accomplished accurately and powerfully.

You can draw almost any complicated model imaginable using the free-form design tools and have the most professional drawing outputs with 3D printing.

The enhanced PDF support within AutoCAD makes it easy to print the drawings into a pdf file for safe documentation.

There are a lot more advanced features of AutoCAD in 2007 and later versions that certainly thrill you as you explore and experiment. 



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