The Health Benefits of Clean, Natural Feminine Products

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The Hazards Of Commercial Feminine Products

Vaginal anti-itch creams and medications are flying off the shelves. It seems a new product is being advertised on TV every night for a new solution to that “not so fresh” feeling. What’s the cause of the sudden outbreak of down-there discomfort? It could be the feminine products women use every day. The polyacrylate absorbents used in commercial pads to soak up fluid has been reported to cause irritation and excessive dryness in delicate areas. Scented pantyliners have been linked to allergic reaction and skin sensitivity. Also, commercial pads, tampons and pantyliners contain chlorine bleach, which has been linked to serious conditions such as endometriosis, autoimmune disease and cancer. Plus, a lot of these popular products are filled with non-biodegradable plastics that stick around to pollute the environment for years. 

The Benefits Of Natural Feminine Products

Using natural feminine pads, tampons and pantyliners free of bleach, scents, plastic and chemicals reduces your risk of developing the complications mentioned above. Your skin will be able to breathe the way it’s meant to and your delicate PH balance should return to normal. Choose a natural feminine product that is made from 100% pure unbleached cotton containing no irritation-causing synthetics and you may find the sensitivity and vaginal discomfort you’ve been experiencing disappear.

Which Clean, Natural Feminine Products Should I Use?

Natracare, Maxim and Seventh Generation are just three companies that offer natural feminine products. There are plenty to choose from. Decide for yourself!

If you’ve been uncomfortable for a while, switching to a natural method of monthly protection may be all you need do to experience a whole new world of health!


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