Life After Life!!!

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Our daily actions are a result of many factors.  These often may lead to situations.  The end product may or may not be in your control.  It could be a bonus or a rotten egg on the face!

The reincarnation theory in Hinduism is connected to Karma-what we do, so we get.  Cause and effect is the basis of this theory.  Many critics, researchers, skeptics and contemplators have gone overboard explaining the concept either in favor or against it but with no convincing answers.

Theologians worldwide have spent ages trying to get answers about the theory of reincarnation. Can a person be born again? Is there  any proof?  These questions to date remain unanswered and many times, reports appear in sections of the print and live media that a certain person from some remote part of India has had a sudden recall of his past life.  Right from his family from the past to the food he ate, the house he/she lived  in, the circumstances leading to his/her death, the relatives all comeback to the person as clear as crystal.

Cynics have succeeded in questioning all belief systems.  The acceptance level in the devout remains firm and unchanged.

Can there be life after life?

The ancient Egyptians thought positively about the transfer of the soul hence, they embalmed the body and laid it to rest with other comforts as they believed that the entity would return and recall. Pythagoras, the Greek Philosopher and Mathematician believed that the soul was immortal and so did Plato.  Perhaps, the Karma Theory upheld the  heaven and hell concept.  The Druids, a priestly group of Celts in Northern Europe believed in after life too!.  But it was in 533 AD that this belief was considered a sacrilege to the existing systems that evolved.  The early Kabbalistic teachings did not have any reference to incarnation since it was more of an oral tradition.

All along the debate raged in the western world over this one point.  It was associated with with an informal unit.  But between 1973-75, a film called The Reincarnation of Peter Proud revived the rebirth phenomena back to its controversial state.  Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism endorses the explanation of Punar Janam.


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