Why Should You Build a Simple Chicken Coop?

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The Best Reasons for You to Build a Chicken Coop

For me and the family, it was the wonderful taste of the eggs. Unless you have had the experience of strolling out to gather eggs from your own hen house, preparing them, and tasting them, you’re not going to know what this is all about. If you get the chance, try these fresh eggs from your own hens. If you have not yet experienced farm-fresh eggs, ask a grandparent who grew up on the farm – they’ll tell you how delicious those eggs were compared to today’s store-bought eggs.

Also, if you build a small chicken coop you’re going green for the planet. Your own chickens will not only be healthy and free of hormones and any other chemicals, your chickens will produce great fertilizer for your lawn and even keep the grass trimmed for you. So, you’ll save money on chemical fertilizer that harms the planet and on gasoline for your lawn mower. Chickens love leftovers and will eat just about anything you give them – even leftovers from a chicken dinner. I’ll bet your pets can’t do that.

You Can Build a Cheap Chicken Coop

The next day as I looked the plans to build a chicken coop, I was surprised at how easy it was going to be. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many plans or kits available to construct a chicken coop. These plans and kits range in price from the expensive to the cheap.

Some simpler chicken coop designs can be constructed for less than a hundred dollars. How you build a simple chicken coop is going to be determined by what your specific needs are. You’ll need to decide how many chickens you want, the actual location of the chicken coop, and how much money you’re willing to spend. If you choose a well-designed chicken coop or one that is just made from extra lumber from your last project, the chickens will not care.

Take a look at this additional information on how to build a simple chicken coop.


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