no Dandruff

This is for people who do not get dandruff often or get dandruff for the first time. Dandruff is mainly caused due to dryness of scalp. So try to keep your scalp healthy and cool atleast by applying oil. Coconut oil or gingely oil may be applied. Take oil bath once a week. If you get dandruff here is a simple remedy from your kitchen. Soak some fenugreek seeds in water at night and grind it to make a paste using the same water. It is well and good if it is a fine paste. Apply it on the scalp like you apply for colouring. The paste should  cover the scalp and hair mainly on the upperhead where dryness is more. Leave it for 15-30 min(not more than that). Rinse well as much as possible  and wash with luke warm or cold water until you feel that all the paste has gone off. Still some particles of grinded fenugreek will be present in your hair even after washing off. So remove it by drying. Fenugreek will not only cool your scalp but also it is a good conditioner. Try it once a week if you feel it is effective. People who catch cold easily, do not try it please because fenugreek makes people catch cold. So do not leave it on for a long time on your head.

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