Spring Flowers For Your Better Health

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Spring is at hand. Spring means blossoming of flowers. Flowers have been providing humanity not only enjoyable beauty but also so many medicinal benefits. From ancient times flowers have proved to be very effective in curing various ailments.Flowers of various hues and colours soothe your mood and relax your mind and they also cure your body, mind and soul. The combination of flower essences brings harmony at home when it is used in the drawing room. Researches are going on all over the world to rediscover the therapeutic properties of flowers.

What Edward Bach says about the floral therapy is apt to be mentioned here. “Health is our heritage, our right. It’s the complete and total union between soul, mind and body and this is not a far ideal or difficult to reach but so simple and natural that much of us neglect it.” It is high time that we know the medicinal benefits of flowers.

Medical benefits of flowers

1) Ayurveda uses flowers in many treatments

Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system of India, uses flowers in various ways. They are used both externally and internally. They are used in combination with other herbs.

2) Rose flower to cool your eyes

Rosewater prepared from rose flowers is used as eyedrops to keep away all eye related infections and it coo

ls the eyes. A mixture prepared from rose flowers cures ulcers of the stomach. The dried petals of rose serve as an excellent laxative.

3) Jasmine for to stop breast milk secretion

Siddha medicinal system recommends to apply jasmine flowers on the breast for 3-5 days to stop breast milk secretion at the weaning stage. Inhaling jasmine flowers calms your mind.

4) Sunflower to heal acne

The sunflower Oil obtained from the seeds can be applied on acne and it promotes healing without suppuration. It is applied on swelling joints to reduce inflammation.

5) Neem flower to strengthen your liver

Neem flower can be collected in the flowering season and can be preserved for a long time. Its powder can strengthen and protect the liver. Consuming the neem flower powder regularly promotes good appetite.

6) Flowers refresh your moods

Flowers have been used to enhance good mood. Generally, men like vibrant and bright coloured flowers where as women are more attracted towards soothing colored flowers which express sentiments. That is why they are used in religious rituals and traditional ceremonies.

7) Flower essences for healing

Flower essences play an important role in helping you keeping up your good spirits and enabling you regain control of your life and destiny. Aromatherapy is mostly dependent on flowers to prepare essential oils. Homeopathy also uses flowers in many treatments.

8) Lavender for toning skin

Lavender extract improves the tonal quality of skin by maintaining the level of moisture of skin’s surface. It can be applied for skin problems.


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