How to Plan Your Honeymoon?

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Finalise the destination
Decide where you want to go for your honeymoon and what type of travel plans that will entail. Most places you travel to will have resorts that have all inclusive honeymoon packages that will appeal to a variety of interests.Try out recommendations from friends for a Good your operator. Take suggestions from friends who have been recently married.

Check out for the activities in the destination
One thing to remember when booking a honeymoon package is that you need to ensure that it is not boring.If you want to opt for a beach honeymoon it will be fine but you need to ensure that you wont be bored staring at each other on the 5th day of honeymoon. So Plan for a detailed daily itinerary.

Compare Cost of different Packages
Most of the packages include essentials such as food, lodging, daily activities and entertainment . In some cases travel expenses such as air fair and transportation via shuttle to and from the airport to the resort are part of the vacation package. The cost information should be found either in the brochure provided by tour operators or on their websites. If you have questions about what is included as a part of the package any reliable tour operator would be happy to assist and help you with your queries.

How to compare packages?
You need to compare apples against apples and oranges against oranges and ensure that your decisions is not governed only by price.At first glance few packages can seem a bit expensive but you need to check out whether this is a one time cost and includes just about everything you will need to have a romantic and stress free honeymoon leaving you free to enjoy a hassle free honeymoon . In fact if you were to add up all the costs associated with going to the same destination and paying for things like meals, snacks, alcoholic beverages, activities, lodging, and local transportation chances are an all inclusive package deal will probably save you money.

Many tour operators may take you for a ride by offering you packages with reduced prices but the inclusions may vary when compared to an expensive package and at the end of the day you may shell out more money for that tour package.

An all inclusive 4 night / 5 days packages among  Kerala Honeymoon packages may cost from Rs. 22000 – Rs.35000 depending on the hotels and travel dates as well as the facilities that is on offer.

Some tips from us
# Be sure about confirming the meal options as a part of the honeymoon .At the end of the day you may not want eating at the same restaurants and being stuck with the same entertainment options everyday. Try to leave the resort and explore the surrounding areas but be aware that this type of activity will cost extra so you will need to bring along extra money for excursions outside of the already paid for all inclusive resort options.

# Involve your spouse is deciding what you want out of your post wedding trip. If you want to spend your time exploring the local countryside and experiencing all that your destination has to offer then an all inclusive package may not be for you. If, on the other hand, you just want to kick back, relax, and have all your wants, needs, and activities taken care of then all inclusive may be the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

#Any Travel Package will have three components- Stay, Meals and Transportation. Decide on what you would like to compromise on what you would like to enjoy more.

Check out some of our affordable Kerala Holiday Packages and that can again be customized the way you want it.


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