Selecting Text Options on The Text Tab

On the Text tab you enter the text that will appear on the chart itself. You can include a title und subtitle, labels for the group and data axes, and footnotes. You can also set font attributes for each of these items. SCR enters suggested titles for you base on your chart, which you can change if you want.

1.    For each type of text in the Titles area, accept SCR’s auto-text; or, clear the Auto-Text check box and either leave the field blank for no text orenter your own custom tab.

2.    In the Format area, select the desired font attributes for each o: the items listed in the Titles area.

When you finish with the Text tab and ail previous tabs, click the OK button on the Chart Expert. SCR draws the chart and places it in the section you selected in die report. If you select the Design tab, SCR shows a generic chart of the type you treated. To view the real data in the chart, click the report’s Preview tab.

You will likely need to adjust the location of the chart. SCR inserts the chart into the upper-left corner of the section-This placement may put it on top of other information. The chart behaves the same as any other object on a re­port, so just use your pointer to pick it up and move it or resize it.

Drilling Down on a Chart

Charts have drill-down capability. If you have a chart where the data repre­sented is a summary or group of any sort, then when hovering the mouse pointer over the desired value in the chart, the drill-down cursor appears. Therefore, if you have a bar chart in which the height of the bar is dependent on that region’s sales, you could drill down on the bar to see the data that makes up the bar. If your chart contains the detail data, then there is nothing more to see and drill down is not possible.

The legend is available for drilling down as well as the chart itself. Hover the mouse pointer over the legend label on which you want to drill down and’ double-click to activate the drill-down tab.

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