Selecting General Options on The Options Tab

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On the Options tab you can select general chart options such as color or black and white, legend options, and labels for the data points. To select general options for a chart:

1.    In the Chart Color area, indicate whether you want the chart to appear’ in color or in black and white.

2.    In the Data Points area, indicate whether you would like 1} no label-to appear for each data point, 2) the field name as the label, or 3) the value as the label. If you select Show Value, you have the option of formatting it by choosing the desired format style in the Number format list.

3.     In the Customize Settings area, select options as described below. The options available depend on which type of chart you are creating.

•   Transparent Background. Creates a transparent background so that objects behind the chart can be seen through it.

•   Pie Size (for pie charts). Determines the size of the pie chart. This option includes five sizes to choose from: minimum, small, aver­age, large, and maximum.

•   £> each Pie Slice (for pie charts). If you want the largest or small­est pie slice detached from the rest of the pie, select this option.

 • Bar Size (for bar charts). This determines the width of bars on a bar chart. Choices include: minimum, small, average, large, and maximum.

•   Marker Size (namely for line charts). This determines the size of markers on a line chart. The option also appears on other types of charts, but the marker size is most apparent on line charts where you see the markers more clearly,

•   Marker Shape (for line and bar charts). This determines the shape of the marker in the chart. Available shapes include rectangle, circle, diamond, and triangle. For other chart types, the marker shape determines the shape of the markers in the legend.

4. In the Legend area, indicate whether you want a legend for the chart, and where in relation to the chart itself. Choices include upper-right corner/bottom center, top center, right, and left.


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