Money in a Hurry

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     If you have a job, request over-time; extra money in the next pay period.  This source of extra money supplements the income of many in some professions.  If you’re a salaried employee, your department may not advertise overtime, but you should ask your department or other departments if they have pressing priorities that you can assist in achieving.  If you can identify a priority, it will increase your chances of getting over-time.  Note:  Ensure that your request for over-time does not portray you as desperate. 

     Sell an asset; extra money in days.  If you have anything of value that you are willing to part with, put it up for sale.  There are many free advertising/marketing medium these days.  Craigslist is one free website that can give you quick exposure for free.  Whatever medium select, ensure you don’t place yourself in danger as you prepare to meet the buyer.

     Get a part time job; extra money in weeks if you start immediately.  Since we’re talking extra money and not a career, you can select from many quick, low paying, no training required jobs. 

     Request a grant from a church or other organization; extra money in days or weeks.  Depending on the organization, this method will probably require that you prove a bona fide health, security, or safety need.  Give it a try – all you have to fear is a little rejection.

     Request a loan.  Requesting a loan means you must have the ability to repay in accordance with the terms negotiated by you and the lender.  Don’t borrow from friends or family unless you truly intend to repay it as you promise – otherwise, you will create mistrust and animosity.


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