Music is my Drug

“Music is My Drug” you would have seen this Quote before on T-shirts, Bags, walls and other accessories. But what does it mean? It has different meaning for different people. For musicians it is different, for listners it is different and for them who hate music it is completely different.

If you are a musician don’t start taking drugs after reading this line, yea because it is not what you are thinking. Have You ever seen any Drug addicted person? you might have noticed that they can’t do anything without taking that drug capsule they can’t walk, they can’t stand, they will slap you if you come in between them and drug so in short we can say Drug addticted people can’t live without their drugs. It is similar to that “Music is My drug” so it means i can’t live without my music. For music makers its like can’t do anything without making my Music first and for listeners it is like i can’t live without listening Music. You love any kind of music weather it is hip hop, Country, Pop, or western it can be your Drug.

Many People think it can be for Hip Hop lovers only because those people do only that kind of things we are totally pure and we can’t have this word with us. But you are wrong you have to accept it even i love pop but still MUSIC is my Drug and i can’t live without it so think about that.

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