Why Running For Cardio Is So Important

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Many people think that running is just an activity for children. Once they pass childhood, they forget all about running and lapse into a sedentary lifestyle. Other people think that the only adults who run are world class athletes, such as Olympic runners. They assume that if they are not athletes, then running is not an activity for them.

It is easy for people to forget how important running is and that it is a valuable activity not just for children or athletes. Of course, animals understand the importance of running. Certainly, the deer knows that it needs to run faster than the lion if it is to survive. Similarly, the lion knows that it needs to run fast enough to catch its prey if it is going to survive.

Even though people do not need to run to catch their dinner or to avoid becoming prey, running is still an activity that is important for the well-being of humans as a species. Running is one of the most effective and least expensive forms of cardio exercise. Furthermore, you can engage in running as a form of exercise just about any time and any place.

If you are a morning person, you can run first thing in the morning around your neighborhood. If you prefer to run in the evening, you can run then also. Other than a good pair of running shoes, you do not need any special equipment or a gym membership in order to engage in running as part of your exercise regimen.

If you are a novice to running, however, you should follow a couple of steps in order to ensure that you will have fun and be safe while running. Before you start your running regimen, visit your physician to ensure that there are no health problems that might affect your running regimen.

Assuming your doctor gives you the green light to engage in running, then you are ready to begin. There is no time like the present to start enjoying the benefits of running as a cardio exercise, especially if you are over the age of forty, or you have known health problems especially heart problems, or you are overweight. If you are a beginner, then you should consider joining a running program that focuses on beginners.

You will find a sense of community with your fellow runners and you will probably enjoy your run more if you participate with others. Before you know it, your health will be better, your weight will drop, and you will have new friends as an added bonus. There is, however, another benefit to joining a running program aimed at beginners.

You will run under the supervision a person who is trained to supervise and manage such an exercise program. With the proper supervision, you should be able to run safely without worry about over exertion. Too many people skip this important step and immediately start a running regimen without supervision. They over exert themselves and become fatigued or suffer an injury.

Then they decide to quit running because it is “too much” for them. With the right supervision, running can be a cardio exercise that just about anyone can enjoy. Your stamina will increase as you become more practiced at running. You will find yourself running faster and for longer distances as your stamina increases.

You will not be short of breath after only a few yards as your health and level of physical fitness improve. Before you know it, you will find that you actually enjoy running and the benefits you gain from it.

Many people who were reluctant to begin running eventually realize that running has become their passion and they would not consider quitting. Even if running never becomes your passion, however, you will enjoy the physical benefits and health improvements you will realize as a result of running as a cardio exercise.

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