Wednesday, December 13

I’m All For Refilling

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Shopping for groceries isn’t what it used to be anymore. Even in supermarkets that claim to be “super cheap” a cart full of basic supplies will cost you a small fortune nowadays. Not to mention the luxury stores. But if you choose to go to one of those, you can get a tiny bit of your own capital back by saving for discount points while investing heavily in their wider aisles.

But what changes can you make to make ends meet? Surely you want to spend less, but you don’t want to give up anything for it that makes life worth living.  In order to be able to buy those concert tickets for example without really having to suffer for it, you have to “earn” that kind of money when doing your grocery shopping.

Homemade pies and cakes

Living for less and keep enjoying yourself isn’t easy. That’s why I asked some friends about it. In an inconspicuous way of course;  I’d hate to see them pity me because they think I’m a pauper. Before you know it, they‘ll be getting you a trendy piggy bank for your next birthday.

Because I didn’t have the opportunity to investigate properly, the results of this research were slightly disappointing. The best “tip” I got out of it was: “bake your own pies and cakes, it really makes a difference”. That doesn’t help me one bit. The friends who gave me this advice, will soon come to visit me again. Most likely they expect me to serve them my cheap homemade apple pie, a saving they will then undo by eating the pie up until the last crumb.

Honey and coffee: doing your own refilling

What does really make a difference? I found out for myself some time ago: pouring the house brand honey that you bought really cheapinto the handy squeeze bottle that cost you three times that price, or, even better: using refillable cups in your espresso machine instead of those expensive Nespresso cups. I got the idea when clicking through some pages of an informative website about Nespresso cups, coffee and similar things. I had never heard of it before, but I can now say from my own experience that this is going to do the saving- trick. Saving even feels good now.

Author box:-

Life seems to become more expensive every day. Want to save some money on your grocery shopping?  The best advice from this personal story seems to be to replace the pricy “Nespressocups”  Nespressocapsules “Nespresso capsules” by  refillable ones.


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