Fitness And Exercise For Healthy Body

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The word “fitness” entered our lexicon is relatively recent and taken from the English: to be fit means being in the form.Simply put, any exercises that cause your body to a working state and a good frame of mind, is the fitness.As mol′erovskij gentilhomme was astonished to learn that life spoken prose, and we long have been to the gym, without suspecting.Moreover, our grandparents too “done”, while foreign words “fitness” did not know calling this lesson very simply-physical activities.Few people liked it-and, perhaps, though there were compelling reasons.Main-fizroj school was FORCED to deal with.


The word “fitness” entered our lexicon is relatively recent and taken from the English: to be fit means being in the form.Simply put, any exercises that cause your body to a working state and a good frame of mind, is the fitness.As mol′erovskij gentilhomme was astonished to learn that life spoken prose, and we long have been to the gym, without suspecting.Moreover, our grandparents too “done”, while foreign words “fitness” did not know calling this lesson very simply-physical activities.Few people liked it-and, perhaps, though there were compelling reasons.Main-fizroj school was FORCED to deal with.
As is known, lack of movement, physical inactivity is a disease of civilization.Seeking tranquility, we even off electric kettles instructed-automation!This could lead to good, especially at a time when health is no longer just a topic of conversation with colleagues, it has become an economic category.Most advanced steel look with interest at the sides: as there, foreigners?We are the first who captured machines and fast food.How to find a way out of this-almost hopeless-seating position other?Willingly or unwillingly, to help found the US Army.

In the late 60s of last century, when explored the physical state of the American population, the picture is very similar to a horror movie: most Americans suffered breathlessness, heart disease and obesity.Paradox: the better became life materially, the worse it was physical.Counting the losses from disease, when workers may exercise their professional duty which have been tens of billions of dollars each year, the Government began the struggle for life and health of its subjects.

The occupation was a physical system of the United States Army: even during the free time they have exercised power exercises, mainly otžimalis′ of sex.For example, Sergeant of Marines had to be able to make this simple pleasures of exercise at least 70 times.Of course Americans strain not civil accounted for, it was just enough to get rid of breathlessness …even when launched by the stairs and little 12 pounds of extra weight to avoid causing earthquakes while walking.

The case took seriously: established a Presidential Council to convince Americans less is more-move.Across the country created a powerful network of fitness centers, the most popular politicians and athletes its example, persuaded that it is better to be rich, but healthier than poor, but the sick.Admittedly, the seed fell on fertile ground in America was born a cult of health.Nowadays in the United States approximately 17 million people try to keep yourself in shape, regularly visiting fitness centers.Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, General Motors is only a small percentage of companies that would necessarily include time fitness, embodying Testament famous preacher Martin Luther: “exercise-an effective means of diverting people from obžorstva, rasputstva, prostitution, alcoholism and gambling.”


Shortly after the song “party-our wheelhouse” lost relevance, many realized that their health is not to pass rules icon TRP (“Ready to work and Defence” who forgot).Health-in itself and for its preservation in no shame to borrow someone else’s experience.But first we had something change in our psychology.After all, that the most terrible thing in fitness?But what they have to deal with regularly and as long as possible.What is the psyche of the load will withstand the organism will give over a so tease?Hence their need to cheat, constantly taking, diverting something brand new.That’s why every year only in our country there are two or three new fitness programs growing zavlekatel′nye, how many you have already created all over the world!Gone are the days of dismal pumping only aerobics now dozens of species: slide aerobics (core element-glide on a special Board), step (up-down stairs), pamp-aerobic (with music by Rod), fit ball (aerobics on balls), yoga, aerobics, Tai-Bo (using technology martial arts), Tai-KMC (Tai-Bo plus rope) and so on.And yet there are shaping, bodybuilding, callanetics (not bad, just think what this kind of gymnastics invented Calan Piknej), all kinds of dance.
If Western followers, fitness-up to 40% of the population, we have only 3-4%.Fitness pessimist would say: “Our little” fitness optimist: ‘ we are the elite “.So if you’re ready to join the elite, flag (dumbbell, barbell, ball) you in hand!


You can go and enroll in a fitness centre.First pass: it is in poor condition your body to which loads it’s ready, and for what parts of the body, you will compete in the first place.Then literate individual program will be your instructor.People who argue: the lion’s share of success depends on your coach.Good coaches on the road than it normally than richer Club-the higher the concentration of talented and professional instructors.
When you select a program, no need to pop the eyes-or muscle century will remain the only trained in your body: actively participate in setting their own destiny.Above all, choose the type that suits you on temperament: no need to fret, thundering železâkami if more than anything else you like to dance.Go ahead and dance: want-Russian folk dance, want
-Belly (Belly Dance).But first you should know that all fitness exercises are divided into five groups:

1. Kardioprogrammy.Improves heart activities and blood circulation.These include jogging, walking, bicycling, aerobics, dancing, swimming.

2. Power program.Development of torso muscles using simulators and encumbrances.

3. the programme for the development of high-speed and explosive qualities.These include, for example, sports game with the ball.

4. the programme for the development of coordination of movements and balance.

5. Programme aimed at developing flexibility.

Well-chosen fitness program combines all five types in proportion to the right for you.Every month-another program should be correct-otherwise the body gets used to load and stops “to work on ourselves.”
A standard set of fitness club consists of a set of services.Purchasing card, you get the right to unlimited aerobics in Group and separate exercises on simulators, swimming pool and sauna.There are also separately paid services: massage, personal trainer, hairdresser, beauty, diet-bar, SPA, etc.

In Moscow now about 1500 fitness clubs (for comparison, in the tiny Thailand their 40 thousand).Initially most of the Moscow were calculated at an upscale clientele.Now the upper market segment-dear clubs-almost full, but the middle class has met queries only 20-30%.Naturally, the market couldn’t go past this “any booty”, and the recent development of low cost clubs-main direction.

Annual card Elite Club is from 3 to 6 thousand dollars, the Club will take with you from simpler 850 to $ 1750 per year.You will not be an answer to the question “how much does it cost?” on the phone.This is done deliberately, under rule “you only come to become our”.Considered that, having arrived at the Club, you hardly can before polite, charming staff and zavlekatel′nym Interior.Competition on the market of fitness services each year is growing, so clubs are looking for new ways of marketing Club card-it is possible that you will be offered a discount and sell two cards for the price of one.There is also a secondary market Club cards, as the owner, as a rule, is entitled to a one-time re-registration card to another person.

If the club that you are satisfied with the price of missing some services that are in the most prestigious centres, don’t worry.Experience shows that the majority of these services you just don’t need.70% owners of club cards go to the gym 2-3 times a week, limited to 3 occupations.Of course, if you’re not limited in time, you should choose a place where many services.If you still have to sometimes go to work, the gym, aerobics and pool you quite enough.

So, the card is yours.Here are a few simple rules to help you consolidate the initial success of “re-engineering” of an organism.Perfect when you’re not alone in his quest to take the form, but it is better to be alone, without talking with neighbors on simulators: during classes is extremely important psychological mood and focus on what you do.Even in the Hall, where both of you are out dozens of people, this is easily achieved by turning its back on world player earphones.

Of course, in a good fitness center you don’t stay behind, all sights and will show, but better yet go into battle even with minimal knowledge of own organism and care.It will read the Anatomy (location and name of muscles), know the basics of proper nutrition, and biologically active additives (BADah), which can accelerate the healing process.Women may not be afraid that after a short occupation they become similar to Schwarzenegger: in a female body, unlike men, too little testosterone is responsible for the growth of muscles.And also, as recently revealed, Schwarzenegger had paid tribute to the special hormones and anabolikam, which we don’t want the enemy.Concluding the theme of “health for money”, note that even a very respectable prices for card-not a guarantee that their owners would regularly go to exercises: approximately 10% of owners of club cards do not attend classes, another 20% are extremely rare.


As everyone knows, there’s nothing more dangerous for mood and even psyche than divergence “want” and “may”.What to do for those who cannot afford to become a member of the fitness center?Fitness professionals say: for gaining and maintaining good physical form on light there is nothing better than trivial dumbbells, rope and boom.Of course, trainers are good, because it minimizes injuries, but they shackle movement, forcing your arms and legs move to coded trajectory-and because most of the muscles simply does not participate in the process.Way out is quite simple: to refer to a technique of “do it yourself”.Training program easily gleaned from literature, now a myriad of.You can buy a video tape lessons that you like.
In the home improvement there are obvious advantages, but there are some disadvantages: there are always cases that are referred to as “home” and invented specifically to the end of the day you were absolutely don’t care how you look.This can only be your strong will.(How to train her to see relevant literature: “how to cheat yourself so that you do not know, how to gain confidence in what you believe in yourself” etc).But these problems are not insurmountable.For example, two or three power reception from Tai-Bo-and you will be able to convince the husband that he can himself prepare breakfast.Well you during this time, make sure it was a pleasure for you to watch.In this situation, according to advertising, “everyone wins!”.


In this case, the tips are simple and easy to implement: mučnogo, sweet, fat, no motion other than pressing buttons on the TV remote.10-15 years, how many will withstand organism-and forward to liposuction!But remember that funny tolstâki-this myth: fat people-zakompleksovannye, prone to depression.Overweight is at least eight types of mental disorders.In addition, should take place on a heart transplant, because its own fat man pretty soon would convey to the state very sad.

(For details see: “Anatomical Atlas: shortest path from heart attack to stroke”, “the famous suicide: Tips as eat an elephant and retain the appetite”, “how diverse is the answer the question” why are you so bad you look? ‘, etc.)


Here is the best solution: no obesity and disease you don’t face!You are now dead!
“While in prison now pasta give …”

How would you actively moved to regain a slender body, have to sit down.On a diet.Don’t be a scare “just some milk” and hungry fainting in Greek diet is “way of life”.There is not only possible but also necessary, with varied and often.Ironically, the more frequently eat (not ob″edaeš′sâ!)-the less eat up and therefore hudeeš′.Your body needs carbohydrates and proteins, and fats, scary thought.Issue-in what proportion.Here is the classical scheme of power from the famous fitness athlete Laure Mack: 50% of dietary calories should be carbohydrates, 35% protein, 15% fat.Malnutrition
-the best path to obesity: the more often you pugaete organism of hunger, the more active it accumulates fat reserves in case of repetition of nightmare.Yes, at the first stage you may lose a few kilos, but does happen is not for fat loss, and expense breakdown of muscles so arranged our organism: protein (muscle) he paid first, and main reserve of the organism (FAT)-last.
As is known from ancient times, a healthy body can only be in a healthy manner, and to do this once and for all by itself to explain: the organism cannot operate solely in your guts, he needs energy.And here’s what it would be a good podtânutogo-body or fat, is for you to decide.Thank God we live in an age of information, so no need to reinvent the wheel.Hop on a ready and rotate the pedals until you feel the body tells you “thank you”.After all, according to scientists, only 5% of people cannot lose weight the serious illness of the body.Others don’t want to.
For example: Madonna is committed to the kapustnoj diet.Just cabbage, 8 glasses of water a day and exercise helped her regain shape after the birth of children.Cindy Crawford eats a lot of fish, vegetables and parsley.Once a week, sits on the rice diet.Claudia Schiffer is drinking a lot and often, only water and green tea.No special diets has not adhered to.

A few millennia of human history, no miracle diets were invented …except one: moderation in food, not on one or two months, and until the end of life.So umerâjte your desire-and the body you will pay!


For years women have fought for equality with men-and won.Now men trying to take revenge, and although not everywhere and in everything it does, in some areas of men’s success are evident.Of fitness clubs 60% women and 40% men.Perhaps this desire of men for equality important role was played by Schwarzenegger example: would he Senator without a physical training?If not-scary thought!-men crave revenge is so seriously, that struggle is to acquire the highest title-“beautiful sex”?


As mentioned, sometimes Prutkov zeal overcomes distraught.Certainly, many felt the fairness of ancient wisdom “excesses is harmful throughout”.Choose load to you on the shoulder (as well as on the heart, breathing, joint …).Worth one-another time perenaprâč′sâ-and you will lose any desire to work on yourself.After the fitness you must go into the light joyful and vigorous, but not hardly shuffle to the nearest sofa.And yet: the slightest signs of success nagraždajte self, because you deserve it!As the famous American physical therapist Paul Bragg (who died at the age of 95 years, driving the vindserfe off the coast of Florida):

“Respect your body-top displays of life!”


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