Everything is Possible

Impossible- a word that is very hardly defined, especially nowadays. The world we live in today has almost no boundaries at all; we live by the way we wanted it to be not by anyone else. We give the impression of being impossible only by being afraid of something. We say it’s impossible if we scared to do it. The only thing that makes them impossible is by not trying to make it happen. We have to push beyond our limitations to test our boundaries; we can’t be just sitting in a corner and waiting for something to happen. Many people tried to push it through, some may have failed and many have succeeded. For those who may have failed and frightened to try it again well, they chose their destiny to stay inside the box; and for those who tried their luck again, fine for them for at least they never lost their hope.

We may not foresee what the future may give us so we can’t just wait. We have to try and try, after all there’s no harm in trying as the famous quote says. Anything is possible if we just believe and live with it. We may never find what we are looking for if we only stay in the safe lane, we have to be going outside the box to know what’s waiting for us. Being frightened won’t give us something, and pushing yourself beyond the edge is just about “something”. So go on and don’t let your fear hold you back.

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