Revelation: The United States, The Western Countries, China And Singapore Did Arm Pol Pot's Genocide

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If you’re like me, you believe in Democracy and you believe that your Government is doing everything to preserve it. You may think that she may commit some errors due to its ideology to fight Communism but in the case of Cambodia that argument doesn’t stand any more. Khmer Rouges are communists so United States should fight them right ? Well instead they have been training and arming them. The irony is that they even used a United Nations refugee camps as arms warehouse.

Whether you’re American, European or Asian, you cannot avoid learning this truth otherwise you are accomplice of what happened in the past or in the future. It’s not only about Cambodia but about past and future Genocides in any continent including Africa of course. 

The only way to try to prevent this from happening again and again is to spread the word. Remember you have the power to change the World with the Internet. So why don’t use it ? Email this article to every friend to watch these videos. Behave like a Citizen of the World.

Don’t wait 35 years for declassified documents and let them exploit the Genocide Theme for “Humanitarian” manipulation of another country. Because that their scheme: deny genocide when it happens and recognize it dozens of years later when it just become history forgotten by the new generation.


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