Kitchen Cleaning Tips For A Clean And Hygienic Kitchen

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A clean house is definitely attractive but you do not need to clean each and every part, every single day. The only part that requires cleaning on daily basis is kitchen, for the reasons that are quite obvious. Kitchen is used most frequently, so there are greater chances that it will be in untidy shape everyday. Additionally, you would surely want to keep it clean and hygienic as you prepare food in kitchen. But, before we learn some tips for cleaning the kitchen, we must know some precautionary measures to avoid the extent of dirt.

You must keep your counter free from clutters by keeping the utensils and other stuffs at their respective positions in the cupboard. You must clean the spills during the cooking or when you have finished cooking. Try to clean the shelves of refrigerator every week. These might not take time but ensuring these, on regular basis, can save you from exerting too much if you keep delaying and stacking them.

Cleaning tips for kitchen

  1. Adding lime or usage of baking soda with ice and hot water in garbage collector every week can keep off the smell.

  2. If your utensils have the deposits of burned foods then you can add some liquid dish soap and add a little water. You can boil these utensils subsequently and cleanse after cooling. All the hard-scrubbing stains will gently get removed in the normal washing only.

  3. It is easy to wash the blender after you have poured some hot water and soap solution. You can just shake it afterwards or apply a gush of water and all the stains will vanish.

  4. If there are some stains on your stainless steel cutlery then you can cleanse them by scrubbing, after applying some vinegar on the scrubbing cloth.

  5. On numerous occasions, food in microwave gets spilled. You can clean the dried spillage quite easily. Take the microwave bowl and add two cups of water along with two tablespoons of vinegar or green lemon juice. Boil the mixture in the microwave at high power for 3-4 minutes. Let the bowl cool in the oven itself. Take it out and then gently rub the inner surface of the oven. The stuck-on spills will automatically be removed.

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