Tuesday, December 12

The Actual Mystery Encircling The Iphone Five

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The iPhone 5 is rumoured to be released sometime during the summer of 2011. This will be mere months after the phone was made available to Verizon members and about a year after AT&T customers were able to purchase it. Though the summer release date is fast approaching, not a lot is known about the iPhone 5, i.e., its specs, design, etc. However, there have been some guesses about what will be offered the next time around, some educated and others not so much.

As stated the above, there has as well as continues to be a ton of speculation concerning what latest features and/or design customers can expect from the next iPhone mobile. This article will discuss some of the speculation currently making the models.

Many people believe that Apple will address the shortcomings in the iPhone 4 in the iPhone 5. This would make sense. Since the company is now aware of the complaints users have with the iPhone 4, the obvious next move would be to fix them. Fixes desired by iPhone 4 users might include increased memory and storage, a detachable battery, and Flash compatibility.

The iPhone 4 model was smaller thinner and sleeker than the iPhone 3G and GS. Buyers can probably expect more of the same with the iPhone 5. It will probably be even further reduced in size. The trend in mobile phone and many electronics devices seem to be leaner, lighter designs.

There is a few speculation that the apple iphone 5 will have a speedier processor. This particular update would be expected. Electronics designers, producers and consumers just about all have an interest in fast devices. There is a “the faster, the better” mentality which permeates both sides of the industry, consumers and manufacturers.

The iPhone 4 makes use of the A4 processor. There’s talk that it will end up being dropped in the Fifth generation iPhone as well as replaced with an A8 software processor which is apparently being developed by Kinsus.

Though no one knows for sure what features will be offered on the iPhone 5, there is a great deal of interest and of course speculation about what will be included. ATT&T and Verizon users are excitingly awaiting the arrival of the Apple’s latest iPhones. The former (ATT&T) customers may be a bit more excited and ready for the phone’s arrival, as they will have had access to the iPhone 4 for about a year, when the iPhone 5 is released.

Verizon customers also excited but also somewhat distressed about the release of the iPhone 5 considering that by the time they are able to purchase the iPhone 4 (in February), the iPhone 5 will go on sale in June. That means that they will only have their phones for roughly 4 months before a newer, sleeker, better model comes out.

For this reason, some Verizon wireless customers are considering forgoing the iPhone 4 altogether and instead are planning to purchase the iPhone 5 instead. There are others who tend to be committed to buying the iPhone 4. The phone was out of stock the first day it was available for pre-order. How many less might be sold because of the soon-to-be-released apple iphone 5 is unfamiliar.


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