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Types of Professional Translation Services

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The world has transformed into a global village. The era of globalization has eroded the physical boundaries among nations, and local businesses are gradually shifting their focus on global markets to generate more revenue. However, a language barrier can be a major hindrance in global expansion. Companies that wish to expand their businesses in a particular region need to promote their products and services by using local languages of that region. A dedicated team of professional linguists can provide professional translation services to help individuals with translation of technical documents, user manuals, website content etc. into local languages.

As an example we can take English into Russian translation. CIS countries market is essential and important part of many companies worldwide. Some of these companies are already take their place in Russian speaking market; some of them just try or will to expand their business into this market. To achieve success for both variants language barrier must be broken into pieces. Some words about Russian language. It is one of the most widely spread language in the world. Statistics says that over 250 million people speak Russian as their native or second native language in 15 countries in Europe and Asia. From these figures we can surely say that presence in Russian-speaking market can boost your business significantly.

There are plethoras of computer software available in the market for translating a document from one language to another. However, relying on these software programs can be a sheer risk as they translate and replace the original text with a foreign language but do not check if the sentence is grammatically and stylistically correct. Whereas, the professionals rendering these document translation services take care that the message is delivered in the same context as it is presented in the original text. Professional translation services can be categorized into different groups. These categories are as follows:

  • Website/Software Localization and SEO: Entrepreneurs use this service to translate to and promote their website or a program in a local language; for example, using Russian website translation to cater the website or software needs to Russian clients. Website translation helps to reach the target audience and can promote your business across the globe.

  • Teleconference Interpretation: There is a translator who translates from one language to another and vice-versa, to enable the communication between two or more members speaking different languages participating in a teleconference. The translator should posses a good knowledge of both the languages along with understanding of the subject matter and its terminologies.

  • Proofreading: Documents like press releases, newsletters, website content, etc. are thoroughly checked by professional proofreaders for any errors that might have occurred during the translation process.

  • Correspondence Translation: The professionals help a company to communicate technical and commercial documentation with overseas partners correctly.

Any organization that wants to expand its business beyond national boundaries and feels the need to hire professionals who provide professional translation services should look for a company that has a dedicated team of translators, which specializes in each of the categories mentioned above. Internet can also be used to search for a technical translation company providing these services. But you must be aware that professional technical translation from English into Russian is rather expensive if you work with a translation agency but you should understand that you do not work with translators directly, you work with a middleman, that’s why cost of translation services is so high. In order to save your time and money you should work directly with translation executor, i.e. translator himself. Today in translation market you can find so called “group of linguists” or “group of translators”. This type of translation process organization allows you to work with a group of translators directly avoiding extra charges for middlemen – translation agencies. So why group of translators but one translator? When number of translators join for working together it gives them opportunity to perform big projects within short turnaround time, actually this is the only reason.

About the Author –

Dima Garan –

2003-2008 Kharkov National University of Economics,

Dept. of International economic relations ,

Master’s degree in “Management of foreign-economic activity”.

For a long period of time I was working as a sales manager in big corporation. My duties in that corporation included work with translators who later offered me position of Executive Director in a new-coming project. The project was organization and marketing promotion of a group of linguists later named as Technical Translation Group.

Now the specialized English Russian technical translation group offers its services for technical document translation, website or software translation and proofreading services to the client who wish to expand their business globally and my work is to keep those clients satisfied with our service.

Dima Garan the executive director and founder of Technical Translation Group, has dedicated her life to technical translation from English into Russian. Her English Russian translation services combine the group of English Russian translators who are Russian native speakers with in-depth understanding of the subject matter and its terminology. The specialized Russian translation group offers its services for technical document translation, website or software translation and proofreading services to the client who wish to expand their business globally.


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