Get Your Spring Cleaning Off to a Great Start With Well-Planned House Cleaning Checklist!

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Annual Spring cleaning is a challenging but necessary chore. For homeowners in Cleveland like yourself, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a chore that you dread. Rushing headlong into it won’t achieve the results you’re looking for either. By coming up with a good house cleaning checklist, however, you can finish your Spring cleaning in smarter and quicker way!

Make your Spring cleaning checklist

A Spring cleaning checklist helps keep track of your house cleaning chores. It’s an important and often overlooked item. The great thing about it is that it’s so easy to do! With a piece of paper and a pen, you can do a simple grocery checklist of things to clean and cross them out as you go along. If you like a Spring cleaning checklist that outlines the different rooms and cleaning methods, try getting a downloadable one online – it’s that easy! The key thing to remember is that once you’ve got your Spring cleaning checklist set, you need to follow it through to get the results you want.

Divide and conquer

The first thing to do with your Spring cleaning planning is to list down and divide your cleaning into areas. By organizing your house cleaning into smaller, separate and manageable tasks, you’ll get things done quicker and a lot more efficiently. There are 6 key areas you can divide your Spring cleaning into, namely:

  • The kitchen

  • The bedrooms

  • The bathrooms

  • The indoor activity areas (the living or family room, home office, and other activity areas in your home)

  • The storage areas (the closet, basement, attic and garage and other rooms use to store unused things and equipment).

  • The yard area.

Kitchens will require not only scrubbing but de-greasing as well. Bedrooms need to be cleaned and organized, and the same goes for your indoor activity areas. Bathrooms need to be disinfected thoroughly so bacteria and germs don’t have a chance to set in and spread. Your yard and outdoor area will be a combination of gardening and cleaning, and can typically be done last.

When to call in the pros

There are some cleaning activities and tasks that may be overwhelming even for the most consummate homeowners. Carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and kitchen de-greasing are some of the tough tasks that may require professional help. House cleaning services in Cleveland like The Maids can help you with these types of cleanings easily, and ensure a healthy, sanitized and thoroughly clean home environment for you and your family.

Involve the whole family

Don’t forget to have your family help. Design your checklist to involve them with each having specific things to do. If you’re getting professional house cleaning services, ask your kids to list down what they need cleaned and organized in their rooms.

With a well-planned house cleaning checklist, you can have a clean home a lot quicker and with less stress. At the end of the day, the pleasure you get from a thorough Spring cleaning is worth it all.

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This article is by The Maids in Cleveland, a maids and house cleaning services company, operating since 1999, in Cleveland, Ohio.

This article is by The Maids in Cleveland, a maids and house cleaning cleveland services company, operating since 1999, in Cleveland, Ohio.


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