How TO Increase Your Net Speed?

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Actually im taking Eight steps to Increase Net speed in my laptop and desktop.


Clean your history .Download ccleaner(Freeware from file hippo website)

Just analyse your problems,

On that if you want untick history of internet browser,go to left side in ccleaner ,untick the history and recently used urls,

Now analyse your problems,

Now click on Run cleaner,

Step 2:

Registry Cleaner.

Just clean your registry from ccleaner only.

just clean un wanted registry on your system,


Go to START> run>

type prefetch,

now select all , and press shift + delete,

step 4:

Go to START>run>

type temp

Now select all, & delete


go to start > run>

tyoe %temp%  enter

now select all and delete .

in this folder some files are not deleted , leave it.

Step 6:

Go to start > run

type msconfig

In general tap ,select diagnostic start up,

In services tab, de select unwanted services,

in start up tab, deselect un wanted services on starting the winndows,

Step 7:

Go to control panel,click on system,

Now go to advanced >

Now go to performance>

click on settings>

Click custom >[in that last three tick it and all another un tick ]

Use common task folder,

use drop shadows,

use visual styles

select ok and ok.

Step 8:



type gpedit.msc

[group policy]

Click on administrative templates>

on right panel,

click on network>

click on Qos packet scheduler>

click on limit reservable bandwidth,

Click on enable button,

click ok,


Then restart your system,

Here windows clean and improves internet speed.


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