Happy Dead Birthdays to Famous People Born on February 26

Famous Dead Birthdays is just what it sounds like. Dead Birthdays are birthdays of famous people who have a birthday, but have already passed. For example, Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 and he died on April 17, 1790. This means Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday is on January 17th. If Benjamin Franklin was still alive in 2011, he would be 304 Yrs. Old. Famous Dead Birthdays is a type of trivia. How old would a dead famous person be (on their birthday) if they were still alive?

Happy Dead Birthdays

Grover Cleveland Alexander– (1887-1950) Hall of Fame MLB pitcher who pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals and amassed 373 wins, won 20 or more games 9 times and 30 or more games 3 times

Albert Anastasia– (1902-1957) Gambino Crime Boss who was murdered-Italy

Tex Avery– (1908-1980) creator of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck-Taylor, TX

Buffalo Bill or Bill Cody– (1846-1917) famous Wild West Showman-LeClaire, IA

Johnny Cash-The Man in Black- (1932-2003) The Man in Black famous Country singer-Kingsland, AR

Herbert Dow– (1866-1930) founder of Dow Chemical-Canada

William Frawley– (1887-1966) Fred on I Love Lucy-Burlington, IA

Jackie Gleason-(1916-1987) Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners-Brooklyn, NY

Victor Hugo– (1802-1885) author of Les Miserables-France

Tony Randall– (1920-2004) Felix Unger in The Odd Couple-Tulsa, OK

Levi Strauss– (1829-1902) founder of Levi Strauss the first Blue Jean company-Germany

Life has come and gone

Rest in Peace, we remember

Your life and your work





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