Benefits of Recession

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Everyone understands what recession has done to our world. It has made us lose jobs, earn less money and enjoy most of the treats that life could give. By looking at the statistics, you can clearly see that thousands upon thousands of people have been severely affected including my family.

Despite the awful problems that recession has caused. You will never have thought that the recession has a few benefits that could help us and our planet. Below is a list of top 5 benefits of the recession!

1) Makes people think carefully!

The good fact about the recession is that it allows people to think carefully on what they need to spend their money on. There was a time when you could have a few several hundred pounds and spend it on anything you want including treats, holidays, new mobiles and more! For once, people have started thinking carefully as to how their money will be spent. Due to the recession, people now spend money on most of the important things in life. Though it can be a little annoying, but you can save money for other needs.

2) Lower prices in stores!

Another great benefit for customers! We all love saving money on cheaper prices and still buy all that we need. You can visit ASDA and browse the huge number of items that are on rollback prices because they are absolutely everywhere. Recession can decrease the price of products due to the little money that customers can spend. Little money with expensive products will do very poor indeed so companies introduce lower prices and discounts to attract more sales.

3) Less fuel means less pollution!

We all understand the importance of pollution and how it affects the environment. Despite all the warnings, most people are not bothered about the issue. However, due to the recession people will think twice on spending more money on fuel. Thus, they will arrange for other forms of transport such as buses. This will save plenty of energy as a group of people are travelling somewhere with one transport. A person might even decide to walk to their destination if it isn’t too far from home. Saving money on fuel is saving the environment from harmful pollution.

4) Using solar energy!

Throughout the recession, it is obvious that people will find better ways to save money. One form of reducing bill payments would be to install solar energy in their homes. Installing solar energy would absorb and store sunshine and transform it to electricity. This way, people will be using free energy and can save hundreds of pounds.

5) Less taxes!

It is likely that the government will reduce the amount of tax a person has to pay. This may depend on the income of families. Those who don’t work and cannot afford their living might not even have to pay tax. If this is one of the plans that the government has not yet considered, it may suddenly happen very soon.

Overall, the recession has its own benefits for us along with the downside. Though the punishments of the recession may have affected you, choose to use the benefits that it has provided.

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