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Experience India, Experience Luxury

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India, the land of princely states, has always known a thing or two about luxury. This article hopes to explain how to best experience luxury holidays in India so that you leave feeling like a Maharaja!

If your intention is to truly be taken care of like a Maharaja (or Maharani the feminine equivalent) then your first port of call has to be one of the several Indian palaces. Upon the advent of India’s independence in 1947 the royal family lost the power to rule and earn from their subjects, they thus chose to branch out into several other sources of income with several opening to the wider public as boutique hotels catering to the luxury holiday market.  And even experience beautiful surroundings, views and amenities a stay in a royal palace creates a palatable sense of walking through history, as you take the same steps as warrior princes, beautiful princesses or mighty rulers. Usually you would be living alongside the royal descendents who still reside in parts of the palace, who would willingly explain the history of their family- though, as ever in life there are some individuals who are a lot more eccentric than others!

Modern hotels also offer incredible opportunities for luxury holidays to India. Luxury hotels in India regularly achieve top awards in travel guides, offering 7 star service (to read a disparaging article on the hotel rating system click here). Whether you seek peace and tranquility, a dawn chorus from unique fauna, a bustling city scape, or all of these, India can offer you a dream holiday.

Lie alongside an infinity pool, sip cocktails in the sun and escape the bustling streets of many of India’s cities. India is even the traditional home of Aryuveda, yoga and meditation; but for those just searching for some pampering Indian spas (which incorporate these ancient arts into modern techniques) are second to none, achieving several awards.

If you opt to be at one with nature but have no wish to ‘rough it’ out then a luxury camping expedition would allow the very best of both worlds in one of India’s nature reserves or arid deserts. The camps take the luxuries of a top hotel to some of the remotest locations in the Indian wilds. Succulent meals are served from organic and natural, locally picked foods while the days could be spent following tigers, Asiatic lions, one horned rhinos and the other rare Indian wildlife on safaris.

The South of India is the best location for beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue seas.  The ex-Portuguese colony of Goa is renowned for it’s relaxed vibe and luxury hotels. Though the lesser known Kerala or the islands of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep offer beautiful vistas

With so many options to choose from when organising a luxury holiday in India the experience could confound even the best organised. For this reason its often best to leave the organisation to an expert travel organisation which would take care of every aspect of the holiday. Natural Mystic South Asia organise tailor made trips to the most luxurious locations throughout India and the sub continent using their expert local knowledge. This leaves you free to enjoy every luxury that India has got to offer.
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