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Tailor Made Holidays to India: Unique Holiday Experience

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No 2 people are the same- so why must any two vacations be the same? I for instance love cricket, nature, contemporary art and adventure while I find shopping to be tedium akin to torture (or that can just be because I am male) and the majority of museums or temples uninspiring. You might well disagree with me (except for loving cricket- how can you contemplate a trip to India and not love cricket!?) and seek an entirely different dream holiday to that which I would desire. The joy of a tailor made holiday to India is that this is the norm, instead of being packaged off to the exact same spot we could both explore a different side to India, a nation which provides diversity as wide as that across Europe.

There are a lot more benefits that you get when taking tailor made holiday to India. As transport is organised for you ahead of time you do not need to stress about how to get from A to B, frequent visitors to India will tell you that organising transport alone can be a huge headache! Sit back and relax in whatever kind of transport best suits your needs – car, train, flight or hot air balloon! It might sound counterintuitive but a tailor made holiday can actually save you money.  A packaged deal will include the price of a lot of standard activities which you might not desire to participate in, whilst to do the things you have to do will then need you to shell out more of your hard-earned cash. A tailor made holiday to India though, would only include the things which you actually want to do while lower prices for hotels and activities are given to tour operators than can be achieving by a typical tourist acting alone (particularly if you’re obviously non Indian!).

By their very nature, it isn’t possible to define a standard tailor made holiday to India but several ideas or thoughts should wetten your taste buds! A historical and cultural tour of India can take in the majesty of Royal Rajasthan palaces (most of which are transformed to hotels), observe rural villagers’ co existence with nature, seek enlightenment along the path of Buddhist pilgrimage, marvel at the beauty of shrines to past rulers, and take part in a colourful Hindu festival. The more adventurous of heart can take on the white water rafting of the Himalayas, the safaris of Rathambore, ride camels in the Thar Desert or play a game of elephant polo. Relaxation and rejuvenation could be found in various Ayurvedic spa or yoga resorts around the nation, whilst an empty beach in a village in Kerala could bring the solitude and beauty that a bustling tourist beach in the busier parts of Goa is not able to provide. These instances are just the tip of an iceberg; a tailor made holiday to India can be much more exciting than even your wildest dreams.

There are several firms proffering so called tailor made holidays to India, but does a rough choice of dates and the opportunity to pick the colour of your pillow really count as tailor made? To be truly one of a kind, a firm must offer scenarios that dive off the beaten track into the wilderness with just the compass of your interests to guide them. Its for this reason I feel that local knowledge is extremely important when it comes to choosing a firm to create a tailor made holiday in India- any monkey with a computer could find out about the Taj Mahal or the tourist strewn beaches of Goa but it takes somebody who has lived and breathed the country to unearth gems that could really match your exact needs.
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