Aspergillosis Infection , Cause And Treatment

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Aspergillosis – It’sa fungal disease cause by genus aspergillus ,which are common grow on dead leaves , stored grains ,and other decaying vegetable . they effect easilyto immune compromiseindividualand the disease they cause are pulmonary aspergiloma , allergic aspergillosis.

Symptoms – Cough with blood , chestpain, difficulty in breathing , fever , weezing ,if untreated lead to jaundice, kidney faliure ,if invasive aspergillosissymptom depend upon effected part , infection of ear with aspergillosiscause fluid draining from ear .

Diagnosis – Diagnosis ismade after taking chest x ray or ct scan . other is gala ctomannan test . aspergillosis antibody test , sputum stain and culture for aspergillus . complete blood count ,tissue biopsy .

Treatment – fungal ball created by aspergillosisis treated by voriconazole, other are caspofungin ,amphotericin B. but do consult doctor before taking any medicine as inallergic aspergillosisantifungal drug do not helps .

Prognosis – people get better with treatment butchances for disease to come back are more . if untreated this disease give serious complicationslike respiratory failure, kidney and heart infectionetc . prolong use of amphotiricin Bgive kidney failure , fever , chills .


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