Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers Hints And Tricks For Gameplay

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One of the most rewarding things about playing any Virtual Villagers game is that they often have more than one way to solve a puzzle, and there are numerous little extra treats you can look out for when playing the game. Here are some hints and tips for Virtual Villagers New Believers that will help to make your game play smoother and more interesting. Warning, this article contains small spoilers, although I’ve tried not to spoil any of the main puzzles.

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Basic Hints for Virtual Villagers

One of the most basic hints that often gets overlooked is to place your buildings as close to the wood pile as possible. Each of your villagers has to walk to the woodpile and back before they can increase the “done” percentage on your building sites, so the closer it is, the quicker they’ll be done.

Masters will also complete tasks faster, so if you need a lot of tech points in a hurry, for example, put your science masters to work. You’ll generally want them to be gaining proficiency in other skills too though, so don’t make them specialize in one area too much.

Bear in mind that most of your god powers have multiple purposes. Try them out in different parts of the village to see what they can do. Likewise, there is more than one solution to some of the puzzles.

If you are running low on food, give the god power Bloom a shot, close to the food bin. With two or three children you can quickly gather 200+ worth of food.

Advanced Hints for Virtual Villagers

Remember to spread your devotion around by allowing as many different villagers as possible to talk to the blue masks. While a villager with some devotion can increase that by honoring the statue, they need a base amount to be able to do that. They can only get that base amount through talking to blue masks (and possibly by learning at the school, or being born with it, but these are much less certain). Once your blue masks are all converted, you are fresh out of potential devotion masters.

Every time you use Earthquake, uncommon and rare relics and science items will appear somewhere. Be prepared with a kid and make the most of it to complete your collection.

If the yellow masked child is disrupting your villagers (and he will), use butterflies to keep him out from underfoot. The disadvantage of this is that it will pull all your children out of the nursery school.

Learn where your villagers run when chased in order to properly control the yellow masks. They will almost always run in the same direction, so if there are people working in that direction, you might want to try a different strategy.

Keep your eye out for the little glow spots that hover over collectables and mushrooms. These occasionally appear behind objects on the ground so they aren’t visible, but the glow spots almost always are.

The more people you have the more faith points you can get. Try converting the blue masks after you have reached your maximum population in order to have as many as possible over the birth limit of 100.

Virtual Villagers 5 is a fun game with a lot of potential for replay. Use these hints and tips to get the most out of your gameplay. Click here to read a review of Virtual Villagers New Believers.


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