Thursday, December 14

Cause of Hydrocephalus

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The cause of hydrocephalus include:
1. Abnormalities subordinate
Congenital abnormality is a condition of a person that has happened since it was first born. Inherited disorders, including conditions that are difficult to avoid because it is very difficult to do preventive measures. In disease hydrocephalus, the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in cerebral ventricles, subdural space and subaracnoid, which resulted in increased intracranial pressure, dilation of the room where the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, enlargement of the entire surface of the head, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.
2. Infection
Infection is kolonalisasi alien species (bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses) to the parental organisms and are harmful. Alien species that use the facilities owned by the parent organisms to reproduce themselves, disrupt the normal function of the parent organism, causing loss of body organs, and even death.
3. Neoplasm
Neoplasm is abnormal tissue growth that is not responsive to normal growth control mechanisms. Neoplasm is a collection of abnormal cells that are formed by cells, which continuously grow indefinitely, not coordinated with the surrounding tissue and very dangerous.
Neoplasm is a new network formed in the body, has a different form of tissue origin, have different properties from the origin and nature of abnormal tissue.
4. Bleeding
Bleeding is a discharge of blood from blood vessels. If the discharge blood continues over time, can lead to worsening conditions in man.


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