Loft Conversions

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With the current recession and consequential plummet in property prices (even though property prices have started to revive again), several more homeowners are having building extensions and attic conversions to boost the living space in their homes. Despite the fact that a building extension as a rule requires building permission and takes some months to carry out, an attic conversion normally does not demand planning permission and is much simpler and faster to fabricate. The attic area is most likely one of the most less than used spaces in a residence, except storing boxes and “things” that never gets to see the light of day! So why not maximise its possibilities.

If you take advantage of your creativity, you could have that added living area that in the past you could only imagine about. That sumptuous master bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, an office if you work from home, a cinema/games room or merely added area for someplace for the children to hang out and have fun.
An attic extension is not a clear-cut DIY project. Though you are a competent DIYer, it is inadvisable that you have a crack at such a complicated job. You are much better of leaving it to specialised builder or attic conversion company. So, the question you are now asking is “where do I identify an attic company or builder that is able and trustworthy to convert my roof space?”

With many stories regarding cowboy builders, uncovering a builder or attic company that is trust worthy seems like a giant mission in itself. Simply start the tv, pick up a magazine or newspaper and you are bound to come across a story of a cowboy builder and the horrors that they left. From this, it is imperative that you source somebody who is trust worthy, trustworthy, can complete the attic conversion on time and charges a price that you will be glad to pay.

You can commence by asking friends, family and neighbours if they know of someone. Or, if they have had a attic conversion themselves, whether they would vouch for the builder that finished the work. An extra way is simply to look about when you are traveling around your local neighborhood. Keep your eyes open for any recent looking loft conversions. Should you see any, knock on their door and request who carried out the conversion work and whether they were happy with the work.

Afterward, try your local directories and newspapers. If you have internet access, it is even easier. Start your web browser and type in “loft conversions YOUR AREA” or “loft company YOUR AREA” in your favoured search engine. Short list a number of companies and get a quotation from them. When speaking with them, inquire if they have references you can examine. Even better, try and actually go and look at some of their work in person.

It is invariably a beneficial idea to get the builder or loft company rep to come around to view your attic space to see that it is suitable for a roof space extension as well as to discuss probable design possibilities and to find out what you wouild like. When you acquire a quotation, even if it is verbally, ensure you get a hold a written copy. {The quotation should contain all work that is to be carried out whilst converting your loft, plus an itemised list of the costs involved and ensure that a time schedule is integrated.|The quotation should contain a list of work that is to be done with costs, plus a schedule of time.

If any of your quotations is lots below any of the others, there is a possibility that it has been priced improperly with concealed costs, that will only transpire when work has begun.

It is also worth checking that the building or loft company has some sort of insurance cover, or whether they belong to any construction federations, like the National Register of Warranty Builders/Federation of Master Builders. It might be worth considering taking the contract to a solicitor for them to have a look at. Use these steps and you will be better placed to uncover a trustworthy builder or attic conversion company that offers a good service.


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