Sunday, December 17

Two And Half Men Canceled After Charlie Sheen Rants on Alex Jones Show

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The world’s most famous drug addict and the world’s most off the wall conspiracy nut get together to shoot the breeze.  What could possibly go wrong?   …..

Two and Half Men Canceled After Charlie Sheen Rants on Alex Jones Show

The best thing about Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen is that you get to learn for free the lesson they are too stupid to learn after paying millions of dollars for the privilege.

If you fail to develop and display internal discipline, then  external discipline will inevitably find you.

Nature abhors a vacuum.    The lack of self discipline is a vacuum.   You can not take as many drug as you want or drive as fast as you want or do or say as many stupid and possibly felonious or fatal things that you want no matter how rich and famous you are.

In fact, as many a Middle Eastern dictator is learning the hard way, it doesn’t even matter how powerful you are.

As the Stones said:  You Can’t Always Get What you Want.

In fact, you never get everything you want for long.   Unless you are a Buddhist monk who has meditated hard and long enough so that you  no longer wants anything.

The rest of us can only eat so much before our stomachs explode.  We can only drink so much until we die of alcohol poisoning.  We can say and do only so many painful and hurtful things until we piss off exactly the wrong person.  And then, every body we kicked on the way up brings out those golf shoes with the three inch spikes when they see us start to fall…

Rich people do pay taxes Wesley.

And, Mr quarterback, every dog has his day.


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