Green Tea: Health Benefits of Green Tea

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Green tea has plenty of useful benefits that the Chinese have been using for at least 4,000 years. It contains cures for headaches, depression and can lower cholesterol levels. Let’s read below to know more about the health benefits of green tea.

1) Why green tea is considered special!

Green tea has many benefits including EGCG which is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps reduce and kill cancer cells without harming any tissue. Green tea also helps lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol levels. Health attacks and strokes can also be greatly reduced and prevented by green tea as it stops the formation of blood clots.

2) Reduces weight loss!

You may be surprised, but green tea has significantly help beat down weight. A few green tea diets exist and people do use them as part of their weight loss workouts. In usual weight loss medications, your metabolism increases with your heart rate which is a known side effect. However, green tea helps increase metabolism but without any side effects to the heart.

3) Use green tea for skin care!

It has been discovered that green tea has benefits for the skin. It can reduce acne and eczema. Some people apply it on the skin with cotton balls while others drink the tea. Both ways are beneficial but you need to be careful with the increase intake of caffeine that could boost the breakouts.

4) Use green tea as a mouthwash!

It is true that green tea can be used as a homemade mouthwash! Manufactures have said that the presence of fluoride in green tea helps keep teeth healthy by preventing tooth decay and strengthening both your teeth and the gums.

Why don’t other Chinese teas have similar benefits?

The reason why other Chinese teas don’t have the same benefits or the same affects is due to the way these leaves are processed. Green, oolong and black teas are all from the save plant. However, the leaves of green tea are steamed which helps prevent the EGCG from being wiped out. Though the leaves of oolong and black tea is made from fermented leaves which causes the EGCG to convert to other mixes that are not found to be as effective as green tea in many health benefits.

Are there any harmful affects with green tea?

Green tea has many health benefits but does have a problem with insomnia. The side effect is caused by the caffeine inside green tea though it does contain less mg of caffeine than coffee.

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