Sunday, December 17

I Don't Know …..the Power IT Hold

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The wealth of power and its true strength is lost amongst the greedy and the ignorant. It is laid to waste with those who assume to know much but posses very little. The illusions of power then becomes rancid infecting all those who surround gorging on it’s illusion of  flesh fulfilling an appetite that is never ending. A real hunger returns with in a few hours and the feast begins again.

True power can not be collected by the force of fear nor captured in a concrete container to be controlled at any desired time.

True power is much more subtle than that. It lies in the most open of space unprotected. It is carried in the spirit of the innocent, The young and obviously the wise, for that is how the wise became the wise. Perhaps even how the young remain eternally innocent.

Power has been long search and fought for, only to be won and then become unmanageable. The path of true power is not a goal nor a desired object. It shows it self unexpectedly to those who choose to admit the truth. Who allow the passage of power to pass through with only three simple words that unlock the door.

I Don’t know….three words which opens two more doors one of which leads to the opportunity to find the answer, lighting the way. The other door opens into darkness, always in the present of not knowing or prone to lie about the truth.

Choose wisely, remember not knowing is the opportunity for an amazing journey to find the truth…….safe travels.


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