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Controlling Artillery Fungus From Your Garden

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1) What is Artillery Fungus?

Artillery Fungus is a tiny fungus that many of you may be aware of. Though it doesn’t hold a major risk to plants, it will certainly make a mess all over your garden and your home. The name of this fungus may sound stupid to you, but the name comes from the actual actions of this fungus. It shoots out spores at a distance of eight feet and can stain its surroundings when it lands.

2) Where do they come from?

This fungus starts developing during the early days of spring when the heat increases. It is transported through moist mulch which you may use in your garden.

3) What problems does Artillery Fungus Cause?

Artillery Fungus can be very annoying. When the fungus explodes the spore out to its surroundings, the spore sticks like glue on anything that it falls on. This could be your house windows, bricks, cars and all over your lawn. Maintaining a healthy and neat garden throughout the year will certainly be off-putting if this fungus creates a mess in just a few seconds. Not only does it create its mess, the sticky spore sticks onto anything and can be very difficult to remove.

4) Why has there been a rise in Artillery Fungus?

In recent years, the boost of using landscape mulch has also doubled the awareness of this fungus. We now use more recycled wood than ever before. In the past, bark was the main wood used for mulch and this wood doesn’t really favour the fungus. Do be careful what mulch you use because every single type of it holds the threat of this nasty fungus.

5) What solutions are there to get rid of Artillery Fungus?

There isn’t really much you can do but wash, scrape and repair your damaged belongings. It is painful to undergo useless cleaning of this mess that shouldn’t have been there at first. A light scrub will not do any good at all. You have to use sand paper or any other rough material to remove some though most of them will still be present.

6) How do I kill the Artillery Fungus?

Bleach may be a good killing solution though it may take a while for full effects. In a bottle or bucket, include 5 cups of bleach with very hot water and mix. Pour the mixture onto the spores and wait 15 minutes for the solution to work at its job. After the time has passed, pour again and wait another 15 minutes. The fungus will be dead, but the spores cannot be removed very easily. Continue spraying and scrubbing to ensure the spores are not alive anymore. They should slowly come off but do keep your tools ready for any repairs that are required on damaged surfaces.

You might also want to try heating your mulch to over 140 degrees to kill any fungus that may be alive. Just soak the mulch in very hot water and leave it for a week. Once the week is over, all the fungus will be dead.

Overall, this fungus is sticky and naughty that can cause a waste of your time by working hard on messy surfaces. You may have to spend money in repairing what was damaged during the cleanup.

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