The Journey OF Femiminity

What has happened in this time? So many lines drawn so many erased.

My femininity has no strength despite our true oneness.

I have done my part with the help of the Great Divine, whoever said who was ahead of male/female line.

   Femininity has been stolen no longer able to express it’s Divine true nature. Drawing my thoughts back to an early moment of my own life. Picking dandelions by the way, reciting rhymes, skipping and laughing asking. “Are we really made of sugar and spice?” while sticking that same dandelion behind my ear. Oh! how the yellow glow accented my brown skin, oh so nice!.

The beauty of my femininity seized by the world, detaining it from it’s essence. It began with the rape of it, a child should never know such things, so I thought. The assault grew, a war raging in the institutions a universal plot. Hour after hour day after day

“ THEHIStory of HIS huMANness forced into tHE mind

HE is everywHEre sHE is nowHEre, disappeared.

Lost my femininity as a child not being able to express my Divine creativity, unravelled by a world who found it threatening. My ability too unite love and compassion. My big brown eyes wore the garment of openness, only to have them closed. Visions of war left me blind. Cold thoughts shivering taking refuge in my mind.

Lost my femininity as a child along with it went mercy. I sat waiting for it every morning as the sun rose, with it my expectations. Only to have it beaten down, abused, it threw me. But I have faith that mercy will make the journey, I wait, unmoved by it‘s slow approach.

It had been locked in a room. On the door it reads “Threat” a sign which should have read “Set me Free”

Fought hard. Found my femininity aided by Divine conscience, self respect and grace, shackles released.

I receive my femininity as a woman, as a force as the beginner of life, I am, I speak, I sing, I love, I write. He has been walking far to long alone.

 Echoes, “Where is she?” are heard along the path.

Woman take your place with Mother nature, add to the collective strong. Our voice in unison ,with who are searching or have been found. Mercy will find away through a renewed strength, a Divine balance.”.

May the truth of US be told in unison.

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