Gardening: Three Perennial Plants For Your Garden

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Perennial plants seem to be an ideal choice for many gardeners. This could certainly be true because of their wonderful return year after year without having to plant them a second time. But it does mean that it will need regular maintenance to keep your perennials at their best. Pests are one of those problems that will always return. To know more about killing pests the natural way, please check, ‘Natural Ways to kill pests’.

Let us have a look at some of the perennial plants below. You may find one that may be of your liking.

1) The Shasta daisy!

The Shasta daisy is one of the perennial plants that grow every year. They can grow between 1 to 3 feet tall and start blooming around mid-summer and autumn. They can be as large as 6 inches across and are 90% white with a little bit of yellow.

How can I grow Shasta Daisies?

Shasta daisies do best in full sunshine and require enriched compost and leaf mold. Shasta daisies also need sufficient watering throughout their growth and need to be spaced apart a few several inches. Make sure there is good drainage when you give plenty of water and even during the winter as it can get very wet.

2) Hostas!

These perennial plants had originally come from Japan, China and Korea during the late 1700s. They are very popular for their beauty and can tolerate plenty of shade. The leaves come in different colours and make an excellent choice for your garden! Hostas become dormant in winter. Take care of your Hostas with a covering of mulch to keep the roots warm. Once spring arrives, the plant will bloom again. Be careful of snails and slugs, these slimy monsters love the leaves of Hostas so sprinkle non toxic slug control pellets around your Hostas. But do you use toxic slug control methods. This can affect your plants and other wildlife that eat these snails. Check ‘non-toxic slug control’ for cleaner methods of removing slugs from your garden without harming any wildlife.

How can I grow Hostas?

Hostas love living out of direct sunlight. Most of the varieties can grow at their best with a few hours of sunshine. Blue Hostas keep their colour longer while in shade with green and gold varieties like more sunshine with more water.

3) Ferns!

Many Ferns like shade and sunshine with lots of soil moisture. These Ferns such as Royal Ferns, Osmunda need more moisture than others. Other Ferns are suited to drier conditions such as Adiantum and Dryopteris. Ferns are also adapted to most soil types and will also survive in clay conditions.

How can I grow Ferns?

Plant the Ferns no deeper than a few centimetres deep. Their roots are very soft and can rip apart if they are messed with. Include bone meal and other organic matter to keep the roots strong and healthy. When Ferns grow, they double their distance both across and in height. So don’t grow too many Ferns in a square metre. Only grow 1-2 Ferns in a square metre while 3-4 for smaller Ferns.

Remember to continue maintaining your garden with these wonderful perennial plants. Always stick to the job before they fall weak.

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