Headboards Are A Great Way to Get A New Bed For Less

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Headboards are often considered to be the completing touch to beds. These can be coordinated to bring a bedroom furniture set together. The various options for these decorative toppers are nearly endless.

When existing bed frames may begin to show their age over time. This can lead to some existing bedroom sets feeling or looking old. Scuffs and dings may also accumulate through heavy use in a bedroom.

Frames can get new life by adding a new header for their bedding. These may be upholstered or decorated in order to keep them updated. Fabric options may also increase the different style combinations.

Leather and faux leather are popular choices for sleek modern looks. Colors such as black, brown and white are top choices for bedding. Other colors may be found to better match room decoration themes.

New Headboards for Beds of All Sizes and Styles

Selecting new headboards can bring new decorating options for rooms. Styles are available to accommodate any size of bed or frame there is. This opens up new options for those with off sized bedding styles.

Metal is a popular choice for a classic frame elegance for bedrooms. Metal designs come in many varieties such as plain or very ornate. These may come in natural or painted colors, such as white or blue.

For children, themed metal boards may be used to decorate a room. Shapes such as soccer balls or other sports equipment can be used. This can be used to create a sports themed bedroom for younger boys.

Painted scenery may also be used for header boards for children. Popular characters for children may be used, as well as fun animals. These may be used to create a unique and playful bed for children.

Redecorate With Classic Styles Of Headboards for Beds

For a truly traditional appearance, wooden boards may be selected. Wood may have a light or dark appearance, or a combination of colors. There are many different ornate ways in which these may be crafted.

Those who prefer a classic country appearance may prefer carved pine. These pine boards have a rustic appearance to them that many enjoy. Some boards may have a glossy finish while others may be unfinished.

Plain designs may be used when the room’s focal point is the bedding. Padded boards may also be used to better coordinate with bedding. The padding may be decorated with accent pieces such as buttons.

Wooden slats may also be used for a simple but elegant design. Slat styles may be thick or thin, or contain decorative pieces. Matching footboards may also be used to complete the bedroom set.

Update Existing Beds by Changing Frame Styles

A simple change in header styles can make beds appear completely new. They may also be changed regularly, for those who prefer new looks. Owning several styles can allow for frequent changes to decorations.

New designs can be found to match an existing bed or bedding set. High gloss panels may be used for more modern bedroom appearances. These can be used to coordinate with finishes on other furniture.

Velour or other luxury fabrics may also be used to create panels.

  • This can be used to give rooms a luxury hotel feel while being cozy.

  • Headboards for beds may also use padding and plus materials for more style.

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