A Memorial-Poem


(In memory of SR)

In verdant jungle, mire and muck

He tested luck and bled his youth

With unknown valor, he held the truth

While distant, foreign soldiers struck

In din of battle, bloody scarred

In dead of night, skies glory starred

In monsoon rains, in ovens heat

He held his ground, through fiery streak

Pelted, wounded, shrapnel hit

He watched his friends, some blown to bits

All who fell stirred not again

All but, he, did fall back then

Alone and hurt he scrambled back

To life, to home, to mothers kiss

Yet ner was he to ever roam

To leave that field of battles groan

To live of life of common stance

To have a true and real romance

To sleep at night free from guilt

Free from fear and terrors touch

Last Sunday, time had had enough

With pistol he his life did snuff

Each pain and memory far too much

For one who gave his all for love

© 2011, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks

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